Organic Guduchi Stem Powder

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Common Name
Other Name
Tinospora, Giloy
Botanical Name
Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Miers. Ex HK. F. & Th.
Plant Family
Part Used
Dried stem used.
Tinospora cordifolia commonly named as “Guduchi” is known for its immense application in the treatment of various diseases in the traditional ayurvedic literature.It is considered as one of the most divine herbs.
A large extensively spreading glabrous, perennial deciduous twiner with succulent stems and papery bark; leaves simple, alternate, cordate , entire, glabrous, 7-9 nerved; flowers yellow in lax racemes, flowers usually solitary; fruits drupes, red when ripe. The surface of the stems appears to be closely studded with warty tubercles and the surface skin is longitudinally fissured. On removal of the surface skin the dark greenish mucilaginous stem is seen.
The plant contains tinosporin, columbin, chasmanthin, plamarin, berberine, tinosporon, tinosporic acid, tinosporol, giloin, giloinisin, substituted pyrrolidine, a diterpenoid furanolactone, 18-norclerodane diterpene-0-glucoside, an aryltetrahydrofuranolignan, octacosanol, nonscosan-15-one and β-sitosterol.
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