Organic Ginger Root Slices

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Common Name
Other Name
Botanical Name
Zingiber officinalis Roscoe.
Plant Family
Part Used
Root slices used.
Ginger Root Slices is the most widely used and available herbal remedy on the planet, with billions of people using it every day as both food and medicine. A tropical perennial growing to a height of two feet, ginger has lance-shaped leaves and bears stalks of white or yellow flowers.
A slender, perennial, rhizomatous herb; leaves linear, sessile, glabrous flowers yellowish green in oblong, cylinderic spikes, ensheathed in a few scarious, glabrous bracts, fruit oblong capsules. The rhizomes are white to yellow brown in colour, irregularly branched, somewhat annulated and laterally flatened. The growing tips are covered over by a few scales. The surface of the resume is smooth and if broken a few fibrous elements of the vascular bundles project out from the cut ends.
1,8-cineole, 6-gingerol, 6-shogaol, 8-shogaol, acetic acid,ɑ-Curcumene, β-D-Curcumene; ɑ-bergamotene, β- and camphene, Ƴ-bisabolene, β-bourbomene, d-borneol and its acetate, Calamene, d- camphene, car-3-ene, ɑ-cedrol, citral, citronellol.
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