Organic Bitter Gourd Fruit

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Common Name
Bitter gourd
Other Name
Bitter gourd, Karela, African cucumber, Balsam pear.
Botanical Name
Momordica charantia Linn.
Plant Family
Part Used
Dehydrated Fruits
Momordica charantia often called melon, bitter gourd, bitter squash or karela. This herbaceous, tendril-bearing vine grows to 5m. It bears simple, alternate leaves, separate yellow male and female flowers. The fruit has a distinct warty exterior and an oblong shape. The tender or unripe fruits are used fresh as well dried medicinally in every system of medicine.
The tender fruit contains several biologically active compounds, chiefly momordicin I and momordicin II, and cucurbitacin B. The plant also contains several bioactive glycosides (including momordin, charantin, charantosides, goyaglycosides, momordicosides) and other terpenoid compounds (including momordincin -28, momordicinin, momordicilin, momordenol, and momordol). It also contains cytotoxic (ribosome-inactivating) proteins such as momorcharin and momordin.
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