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Common Name
Other Name
Bishop’s weed, Yavani
Botanical Name
Trachyspermum ammi (L.) Sprague
Plant Family
Carum copticum Benth. & Hk.f.
Part Used
The seeds are used in cooking and as the main source of the essential oil Thymol.
Traditionally, bishop’s weed has been used as a spice and as a preservative. The fruits (seeds) are used to flavor curries, pickles, biscuits, confections and beverages.The plant also is used in soaps and perfumes.
Trachyspermum Ammi, Ajwain or Bishop’s weed is herb used in ayurvedic medicines for its carminative properties. It is an annual herbaceous plant bearing the grayish-brown fruits (seeds) which constitute the spice. Ajwain has an erect and striate stem involving glabrous or minutely pubescent properties which may grow up to 90 cm tall. The seeds are more known as adjuncts used in small quantities for flavouring numerous foods, as anti-oxidants, as preservatives, or in medicine or for the manufacture of essential oils for ultimate use in perfumery, essences and medicine, etc.
The seeds contain 6-O-β-glucopyranosyloxythymol, a glucoside. Other chemicals reported is 69% carvacrol in T. ammi, and a yield of 25% oleoresin containing 12% volatile oil (thymol, γ-terpinene, para-cymene, and α- and β-pinene). The principal oil constituents of T. ammi are carvone (46%), limonene (38%), and dillapiole (9%).
None known.
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