Our Beginning

Since 1988, we are working to discover nature’s inherent quality and delivering it to the community in its natural way. Now with over 3000 acres of cultivation land and 1,00,000 sq. feet of processing facility in Jodhpur Rajasthan, we synchronize our efforts in the direction, to provide customer and society, the nature’s gift in its purest form without harming it. Being the most prominent producer, processor and exporters of certified organic herbs and botanicals in India, we strive to lead the world towards the safer and healthier alternatives by attaining excellence in customer satisfaction. We ensure that the complete range is processed and prepared using pure and natural base ingredient under utmost hygienic conditions.Today, Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. is a symbol of organic certified and highest quality supplier of certified organic herbs and botanicals to pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmaceuticals industry.

Mr. Narayan Das Prajapati; initially a textile businessman had a vision to give back to mother nature in nature’s own way. Based on national and international literature available he did extensive research for many years on plants, bio-diversity, ecosystem etc.


Mr. Prajapati conducted various trials on medicinal plants farming, all based on his traditional experience and theoretical knowledge.


He started commercial cultivation of medicinal plants. The harvested botanicals were first sold in the local markets of India.


He laid down the foundation of 10000 sq. ft. Processing facility in Jodhpur. It was equipped with manual machines.


He established the company named “Sonamukhi Udhyog” and received first organic certification from ECOCERT, France.


Sales of “Organic Certified Botanicals” started in Indian as well as International market.


“Sonamukhi Udhyog” was renamed as “Cultivator’s Natural Products” to represent Indian Certified Organic Botanicals at International level.
Mr. Tarun Prajapati a young entrepreneur after completing his M.Sc. (Medical Plants) joined his father.


Processing facility extended to 50000 sq. ft. and commercial cultivation increased.
Domestic and International sales ratio reached 50%:50%. Annual contract with overseas buyer started.


Mr. Sanjeev Prajapati, a young, qualified (IT Expert) and experienced entrepreneur joined the company.


Upgraded processing facility as per GMP and HACCP standards.
Solar power generation for irrigation begins.
Received first EU-EOS organic certification by adopting EU standards.


Took a step ahead to equip the processing facility with international standard machines imported from different countries.
Nitrogen cooled powder plant was among the expensive purchases.


In-house laboratory was established in order to check the quality of organic botanicals at each step of processing.


Highly sophisticated Steam Sterilization plant was installed.
Received first Organic and Natural COSMOS certification from ECOCERT, France.
International and domestic sales ratio reached 95%:5%.


New high tech Clean room facility for organic cosmetic products was established.
Introduced new Product ( Hair colors) in the international market.
Entry into domestic market through customer oriented products Launched E-commerce website to initiate direct customer selling.


Fair for life certification.
Increase the range of hair care and beauty products.
Total processing area increase to 100,000 sq. ft.


Achieved Fair for life certification.
Registered with The Vegan Society.
Progressing for BRC certification.
Established New laboratory with high class and top level instruments for active compound testing.


BRC certification achieved.
Forest Organic certification.
Fair wild certification.
Sustainability certification.
Laboratory upgraded for testing & detecting pesticides and heavy metals.
To establish a new processing facility covering area of 30,000 Sq. m
Establishing a State-Of-The-Art research center.