Fair for Life & Fair Wild


Certified & Audited facility under "Fair for Life & Social Responsibility" programme. Sustainable and fair trading system for wild-collected plant ingredients and their products

Bros Food Safety


Global standard for safety, quality & integrity of food ingredients during manufacturing and processing



Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Preventative Controls and Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) Preparedness

ISO 22000 

Quality Food Standards

India Organic


National Program for Organic Production (NPOP) India

USDA organic


National Organic Program (NOP) Technical Standard (USA) 

European Union


European Union Organic Certification 

Ecocert NPOP/NAB


 Organic Certification body

IMO Control


 Organic Certification body



 Organic Certification body



  Organic Certification body


Organic Certification body


 Ecopetcare Certification 


Cruelty Free

Cultivator's products are not tested on animals 



 Registered with Vegan society


KOSHER Certification. One of the largest Jewish dietary certification agencies in North America 


 Cosmos Organic 

Certified Organic Cosmetic Products 

Cosmos Certified 

Certified 100% Organic raw materials for Cosmetic 


 Organic Cosmetic 

Standard applies to cosmetic products as organic and cosmetic ingredients with organic content 


Cosmos Natural 

COSMOS - standard applies to cosmetic products as natural


 GMP Certified 

Certification for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice 



 HALAL Certification. Certified Halal in accordance with Shariah(Islamic) Board guidelines